History of the Church

During the summer of 2007 it became clear to several Christians worshipping in the Sidcup  area  that  there  was  a  need  for  a  Reformed  Baptist  Church  in  the  area.Following a time of reflection, prayerful consideration, and discussion with other like-minded local Christians, it was decided that we should rise to the challenge and take positive steps to form a new church.

The first meeting, which included a Communion service, took place on the evening of Sunday 5th August 2007 in the Lamorbey Residents’ Association Pavilion making use of  some equipment that  had been loaned to us by other  local  churches that  were supportive of this venture.

On 7th August 2007 a meeting seven of the men, present at the inaugural meeting on the previous Sunday evening, was held and it was agreed that formal steps should now be taken towards the proper formation and establishment of a church. The name“Sidcup Free Grace Baptist Church” was adopted at this meeting.

The regular use of the Lamorbey Residents’ Association Pavilion was secured and by the middle of September 2007 meetings were being held there twice on Sundays with a midweek Bible study and Prayer meeting being held on Wednesday evenings.

A youth work (Boys Brigade and a Girls Association) was started early in 2008.

In  2011  the  church  issued  a  call  to  Pastor  Mark  Gladwell  who  commenced  his ministry with us on the 1st of June 2011 but who sadly retired from full time ministry in March 2019.

At the current point in time the Church is being well served by itinerant ministry whilst waiting on the Lord once again for his provision.

All  of  the  material  and financial  needs have  been more  than  met  by the  freewill offerings and donations of the Lord’s people,  and we give thanks to  God for His abundant provision for the ongoing work of Sidcup Free Grace Baptist Church.

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